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    Quick.com.ng is an online Logistics , Delivery and dispatch riders In Nigeria Directory that links Buyers and Sellers Together , we operate in Nigeria and world at large. Using Quick.com.ng you can get connected to the best delivery company withing your location (10M Away at most) , note that this website is daily updated with the latest companies available. If you Operate or own a logistics , delivery and dispatch riders company , kindly register your company with us to start getting more customers today.

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    Our Main reason for creating this website is to connect customers to companies , we are going to use this platform to make it easier for any brand in Nigeria to get more customers through online searches.

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    Quick.com.ng was created by a Nigerian Web developer and a travel blogger , By Name Donald Chukwuma on May 18th 2022 , I Discovered that the main issue with so many businesses in Nigeria is Delivery , I Aslo discovered that the main reason why so many people cannot buy what they want is the lack of delivery contact , so for this reason , i decided to Join Buyers and Sellers using this platform.

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    Delivery In Nigeria: How To Start Delivery Business Anywhere In Nigeria.

    In this article, I will teach you how to establish a home delivery business in Nigeria or anyplace else in the globe. If you have the mindset of an entrepreneur, whose goal is to recognize an opportunity and develop a business around it in order to earn a profit while also meeting societal needs, then a home delivery service is an alternative to consider. Home delivery is a modest business that practically anybody may start based on the plan available to them. Though there is a little start-up cost, you must create a complete business strategy and conduct extensive research on the sort of deliveries you choose to pursue. You may order groceries, meals, gifts, and pizza to be delivered to your home. This is a service designed to help people with personal tasks, thus it must be user-friendly. Jumia, Konga, and Yudala, among others, are creating waves in the home delivery business, and nothing can stop you from prospering in the business. Jumia, Nigeria's leading online store, has over 300,000 unique visits every day. This demonstrates how profitable the business can be if done well and appealing to Nigerians. A home delivery business is another option for a novice entrepreneur seeking for a new business. These are the procedures you must take in order to begin a home delivery business in Nigeria.

    1. Start-up Capital and Business Plan

    Home delivery is a low-business business to start; you may get started with as little as 100,000 naira. You will also create a business strategy for managing and expanding the business. You will also decide where your delivery boundaries will be, how much you will charge, transportation costs, and time. A metropolitan region is ideal for this type of business since it allows you to keep track of your consumers and reach them on time. Determine your delivery boundaries and the amount you plan to charge. Consider your transportation expenses, dispatch rider compensation, communication strategy with product owners, and the time it will take you to reach everywhere.

    2. Create a company name and logo.

    The leading eCommerce firms in Nigeria now are Jumia, Konga, Yudala, and SME Markethub. These eCommerce retail businesses have a name and a logo. Similarly, having a good business name and logo is essential. You can build nice logos using websites like Canva, which is a free online graphic design tool that you can use to create a good brand for your business.

    3. Purchase a Company or Business Name

    To prevent government censure and harassment, the next step is to register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Furthermore, registering your business increases its dependability and trustworthiness among potential clients.

    4. Develop an online platform to stay competitive.

    Creating a website is the greatest option for this type of business. This is an absolute requirement if you want a steady flow of business. This will provide them more options - that you properly utilize your website (your store window) to its greatest potential by having a suitable order engine. You may create availability rules to guarantee that you never lose control over the availability of your items. Your clients will also receive automated purchase confirmations and email reminders, which will save you time. It is critical that you invest in delivery management software to increase your productivity and avoid these dangers.

    5. Employ skilled individuals

    The next stage is to find capable employees to work with you. Building a website, SMS code, a possible mobile application, emails, order confirmation and acceptance sms/emails, payment gateways, and delivery fulfillment are all part of your home delivery business. You would need to recruit logistics personnel to manage ordering, payment, and delivery logistics. Your employees should be provided a professional appearance, such as branded shirts, coats, and helmets, among other things.

    6. Configure a Payment Method

    Your home delivery business should be available throughout all planned hours and should be listed on your website. The price rate for various items and payment methods such as QuickTeller, cash payment, and POS, based on the customer's preference. You must be able to take credit and debit card payments, as this is the most common way to pay for this business. You may also use the pay on delivery technique to create confidence at first.

    7. Establish a good customer service and partner with big product dealers.

    Listen to your clients' complaints or suggestions so that you may better service them. A excellent customer service is the lifeblood of every business. Once you've established what sort of items you want to offer home delivery for, you may meet with large dealers and expose them to your home delivery services. For example, if your home delivery business delivers clothes, collaborate with PEP to create a user-friendly app where clients can order different outfits and your firm would send them on their behalf.   

    8. Demonstrate a high level of competence and integrity.

    One critical part of your business is your capacity to persuade clients to visit your website and place an order for delivery, which is only achievable if you demonstrate competence and honesty on your first delivery. If you offer customers any cause to mistrust your ability or if the things you supply are not suitable, you are unlikely to receive repeat business from them. You must guarantee that you do an excellent job (on time delivery and high-quality items) that will keep customers coming back for more and earn you referrals.

    9. Market and advertise your business

    This is a competitive business, and advertising will go a long way toward reducing competition. You might advertise online (through social media), on leaflets, or in newspapers. Another strategy to get new consumers is to distribute a great business card around companies and organizations to notify them about your home delivery business. The business card should be informative and should clearly state the type of the services you offer. This would undoubtedly entice prospective clients to use your delivery service.

    10. Create an expansion strategy.

    Your home delivery business should have good foresight. When you give high and quality services to your consumers, your business can expand beyond the four walls of your current location to other states. Retailers like as Jumia and Konga have expanded their delivery beyond Lagos state. To thrive in this business, you must always think of ways to outperform existing home delivery services. This might be a profitable business... What are your thoughts?

    Logistics Company In Nigeria and What You Must Know.

    With the steady development in online purchasing and variances in client behavior, some firms are finding it difficult to satisfy customer needs in short periods of time. Furthermore, regardless of the business kind or size, there will be management of elements concerning the transportation of goods as well as other operational expenditures. If you are unfamiliar with the shipping industry, you will be perplexed by the distinction between logistics and courier services. While these services are part of the supply chain, they operate differently when you understand them in depth. Whether you are a small business or a huge corporation, the following are some of the major reasons, differences, and fit for your business between courier and logistics services.

    What exactly is a delivery company?

    A delivery company delivers little goods, crucial papers, and other items that are generally light in weight to persons who live locally or even nationally and internationally. Individuals and organizations seeking rapid, dependable, and door-to-door service like them. delivery companies are expensive for mass deliveries since they provide the best services, such as tailored delivery in terms of time, tracking service, acknowledgments, and so on. Several firms may use courier services to transmit materials such as papers, letters, mail, agreements, and other similar items since they are much more trustworthy and speedy than larger logistic services.

    What exactly is a logistics company in Nigeria?

    Logistics is a type of Service that plans, conducts, and controls the transportation of items in the supply chain from point of origin to point of delivery. They primarily vary from courier services in terms of the conveyance of larger items, both in quantity and size. They may employ a variety of types of transportation, including trucks, railroads, ships, and even airplanes. To stay linked to their clients, several sorts of organizations use logistics to deliver items across national and international borders. With changing client expectations and market diversity, logistics services are continually focused on providing customer-oriented services. The logistics services available vary based on the kind and quantity of items involved in the process.

    Difference between delivery company and logistics company:

    1. The main distinction between delivery company and logistics company begins with the quantity and size of the products conveyed. delivery company do not often transport large items from one location to another. logistics company are used when large quantities of items must be delivered. Logistics services for taking a large number of orders and altering the entire business's working process might differ depending on the kind of items.
    2. Delivery company will be in charge of delivering things in real time, which means taking on delivery chores that require rapid delivery. They provide a variety of choices for quicker delivery with customized transport services that do not rely on filling truck loads like logistical services. delivery company focus on little items, so logistics firms have faster delivery choices. Freight is handled and delivered differently than regular deliveries since it is larger and less time-bound than courier products.
    3. A logistics company focuses on shipping, transporting, and delivering freight rather than courier items. They are delivered in various sized vehicles or numerous modes such as ships, trains, or airplanes due to their larger size and quantity. This may also vary based on the distance between the origin and the delivery. When these factors are addressed, freight shipping may be less expensive than sending goods through courier.
    4. Delivery company are often focused on the delivery of specific items and returns. Logistics company often manage all aspects of product delivery between businesses and customers. This will also include transferring things from one location to another for longer periods of time.
    5. Charges for delivery company and logistics company have changed dramatically. You may believe that sending a single cargo via logistics services is more expensive than using delivery company. However, if you have a significant quantity of bulky products that need to be carried from one area to another, you will benefit. Furthermore, if you hire them on a long-term basis, you will get better value for money. Freight delivery businesses may be really affordable because they will have thorough knowledge of numerous modalities and will lead you to the most cost-effective alternative for transporting your specific items.

    Which Service is the best for your business?

    If your business entails delivering items and handling inventories in and out of the nation, you will need the assistance of logistics companies. If you deal with the transportation of goods from numerous places, regardless of the size of your business, you must select a dependable logistics firm that can manage multiple modalities. However, if your business merely requires the transfer of items from a close area, you will need delivery company . Furthermore, if the products are little or basic yet require timely delivery, delivery company will meet your needs. With faster delivery alternatives accessible in contemporary logistics services, it is advantageous to assess your requirements and obtain superior services. It will improve customer service by fulfilling delivery deadlines, inventory management, and the whole process.  
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